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SKANN DESIGN™ is a start-up company involved in the design and manufacturing of unique document scanners that among others do not require pre-scanning and are totally silent. Our scanners are engineered for scanning any type of document having practical any size, format and position.

SKANN DESIGN is a company well funded at this stage that work for the products final designs, manufacturing and launch.

Our scanners use a breakthrough optical and illumination engine SOIEcovered by numerous pending patent applications. No other company has the same design concept on the market or described in a patent pending or granted.

At SKANN DESIGN, we have the distinctive edge of an in-depth understanding of both technology and patents and how the patenting process works for all players. We apply our “patent mindset design” to build simpler and elegant scanners, having more functions and outperforming the current scanners.

At SKANN DESIGN we believe that amazing products offer simplicity, elegance and the joy of use.


SKANN DESIGN™ team has a great track record in the CCD/CMOS scanning business having been employed by a select number of household names. We have all the skills required to bring a great product to the markets, support our customers and actively protect our intellectual property.

The idea of having a cool HiTech startup came in 2014 after watching in a fully packed bar in Freiburg this great team win the world cup on Maracana, the legendary football stage of Pelé

And this is how we work as a TEAM, watch the youtube. In perfect sync, as a cohesive and fun group delivering insanely great and unique product designs to assist, excite and please each of our customers. 

More details to be provided mid 2016.


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From an IP prospective, our team members have a significant previous IP experience, having more than three hundred international patents, including more than fifty active US patents. Some of these patents have been challenged at the EPO and USPTO and survived in good shape these understandable post grant IP challenges.

In 2015 the SKANN DESIGN™ team has filed for ten patent families to protect our CCD/CMOS scanners using our breakthrough optics and illumination engine SOIE™.


SKANN DESIGN CCD/CMOS scanners use the SOIE optical and illumination engine for compact document desktop scanners formats A4 and A3 under the SKANND ALFA™ – TEAM and SKANND GAMA™ – SOLO product lines.   

For high volume and automatic feed documents, formats A4 and A3, customers will benefit from the  SKANND LAMDA™ product lines.

Scanning of document formats larger than A3 format , such as engineering blueprints or old maps, is possible with the customized SOIEengines and using the  SKANND GULIVER™ product lines.

For book scanning,  SKANN DESIGN offers the  SKANND SIGMA™ product lines for either manual or automatic page turning.

For 3D objects, non-office applications SKANN DESIGN offers the  SKANND KAPA™ product lines with featuring a further specialized SOIEengine.


SKANN DESIGN™ is privately well funded at this stage having an expected growth rate exceeding 40% yearly.

We operate under a stealth mode, planning to go public with full services as of January 2016.

Case study 1: Sorensen & HASSELBLAD   “NO Photoshop, Raw PIXELS”

Product Launch

Commencing August 2016 the following family of scanners will be offered to subscribed beta site customers. Please click for attached product literature (PDFs)

SKANND ALFA™  desktop “team”. Estimated price $ EU 250/650 (A4/A3 – TEAM)

SKANND GAMA™ desktop “solo”. Estimated price $  EU 450/550 (A4/A3 – SOLO)

SKANND KAPA™ desktop copier/printer. Estimated price $ EU 450/550 (A4/A3 + PRINT)

SKANND LAMDA™ desktop “feed”. Estimated price $ EU 450/650/ (A4/A3 + FEED)

SKANND SIGMA™  books. Estimated price $ EU 20K/60k (A4/A3 & Manual or Auto)

SKANND GULIVER™ blue prints (>A3). Estimated price $ EU 650

SKANND GLOBE™ 3D non-office business. Estimated price $ EU 15/20K.

Note: All products are covered by US and International pending patents

Case Study #2: Ron Howard & CANON “STATIC Images Turned into a Movie”

Case Study #3: “The Future is NOW”

All SKANN DESIGN SCANNER include innovative OLED and AMOLED features covered by our pending patents.


Except for Skann Designand related names of our products including SOIE, all the other Trade Marks and Copyrights belong to the respective cited companies.

Skanntek Co.

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